Products & Pricing

The following is a list of inspection types and services that we offer:

  • Pre-purchase/listing home inspections that meet or exceed the Home Inspectors Association (BC) Scope of Inspection, and Code of Ethics. A copy of the Scope of Inspection and Code of Ethics can be obtained at
  • Pre-delivery/new-home construction inspections.
  • Infrared thermal imaging.
  • Indoor air quality assessments.
  • Wood-burning appliance inspections for insurance purposes.
  • Commercial building inspections as per ASTM standard EE 2018 guide for commercial property condition assessments.
  • General building consulting.

The prices for inspections are as follows:
Attention: Price lists are effective January 01, 2018, and may change based on size, age and complexity of the building.
Pre-purchase/listing home inspections:

  • Within half an hour of Vernon, prices start at $450 plus GST/HST.
  • Within one hour of Vernon, prices start at $475 plus GST/HST.
  • Up to two hours of Vernon, prices start at $500 plus GST/HST.
  • More than two hours away from Vernon would be a per job quote.

Pre-delivery inspections:

  • Price quote per job, but similar to a pre-purchase inspection price.

Thermal imaging:

  • Price quote per job. When done in conjunction with a home inspection, the fee would be $20 plus GST/HST per picture printed.

Indoor air quality assessments:

  • Price quote per job.

Wood burning appliances WETT inspection:

  • Base price of $160 plus GST/HST per appliance plus some travel expenses if more than half an hour one way from Vernon.
  • If the WETT inspection is done in combination with the home inspection a fee of only $80 plus GST/HST per appliance would apply.

Commercial building inspections:

  • Price quote per job.

General consulting:

  • $100 per hour plus GST/HST, minimum of 1 hour. Traveling expenses will also be added on if more than half an hour one way from Vernon.

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