A pre-purchase/listing home inspection generally takes about 3 to 4 hours. The report is then prepared off-site and then either emailed or delivered to my client. My goal is to have the report done within 48 hours of doing the inspection; it is usually done the same day and emailed that evening. The report is a written report that outlines the current condition of the home; digital pictures are included in the report for clarity. Thermal imaging is done on every home inspected, however if pictures are required, an extra fee per picture is charged. Payment is required upon completion of the report; Visa, MasterCard, Cash, check and email transfer are all accepted payment options. Emailed reports will not be sent without a credit card or email transfer payment. Clients are encouraged to attend the inspection for part of or all of the inspection. The client will be asked to read and sign a contract prior to the inspection taking place, this can be done via email (see sample contract). Ongoing telephone or email consultation with regards to the home inspection is included in the price, additional site visits may be charged for.

The pre-delivery home inspection is much the same as a pre-purchase home inspection, except that more attention is giving to building code compliance. The time factor would be the same length of time to do the inspection, and the client is encouraged to attend. Payment and contract requirements would be the same as a pre-purchase inspection.

Thermal imaging is used in every home inspection, if the client wishes, infrared pictures will be printed for a fee. Thermal imaging done separate from a home inspection is charged for on a per job fee. Thermal imaging in a nutshell would best be described as the closest one can get to X-raying a home. The camera can see temperature differences and so can record the presence of moisture, insect infestations, lack of building insulation and overheating of electrical breakers and wires to name a few. Thermal imaging is an interesting way of looking at a building, and can find issues that are invisible to the naked eye. A typical thermal imaging will include a report with digital infrared pictures. Time frames for the inspection will vary depending on what needs to be done.

Indoor air quality assessments need to be booked well in advance as the acquiring of specialized equipment is sometimes required. Indoor air quality assessments can consist of air testing to determine what kind of and the amount of mould spores present in the air. On-site samples of actual mould growth can also be lab analyzed as to the type of mould and its health implications to humans. After the lab results have been received, a mould abatement program can be initiated. Testing can also be done for the presence of radon gas in the home, depending on the time frame required; the length and type of test can vary from 2 to 3 days up to a year. When the results are in, then a plan can be put in place for radon gas mitigation.

Wood-burning appliance inspections can be carried out in conjunction with a home inspection or done separately. The inspection is done by a WETT certified inspector, and a report is written with the improvements needed in order to qualify for home insurance on the property. A WETT inspection generally takes about half an hour, and a report is issued and sent either by email or delivered on-site, payment is required when the report is complete.

Commercial building inspections are somewhat the same as home inspections, except that a different standard is used, as well as a different reporting format. Depending on the size and complexity of the building, additional professionals may be required such as structural engineers, plumbers and electricians to inspect and report on the building components related to their specific disciplines. These reports would then form part of the overall building report issued by Interior Home Inspections. Based on the building size and complexity more time is required for a commercial building inspection, and the reports are not usually delivered the same day. Contracts are required to be signed prior to the inspection taking place and payment is required before or on delivery of the report.

General building consulting is available for any building, and the consulting is always available in written form. If we have already performed an inspection for you, then the consulting is included in the price of the inspection; if not then it will be charged for, as our time like yours, is valuable.

The goal of Interior Home Inspections is to equip you the client with all the information needed for you to make an informed decision on one of the biggest purchases of your life. We do our best to answer all of your questions, and supply you with ongoing customer service. A happy client is our best advertising.

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